Introducing the AAXA P7+ Mini Portable Projector, a compact and lightweight device that might be perfect for your entertainment and presentation needs. In this review of the AAXA P7+ Portable Projector we explain who AAXA is and consider the AAXA P6 Ultimate as a better choice for many users. This projector is equipped with a built-in battery giving you 2.5 hours of unplugged projection, making it a truly portable device that you can take anywhere.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 AAXA P7+ Projector Unboxing
1:05 AAXA P7+ Projector Ports
1:56 Who is AAXA
2:20 Pico vs Micro Projectors
3:38 AAXA P7+ Projector Features (Zoom, Focus & Keystone Tilt)
4:32 What Is The Screen Door Effect on DLP Projectors
5:13 AAXA P7+ Projector WiFi Problems
5:48 AAXA P7+ Projector Phone Mirroring
6:28 Connect Laptop to AAXA P7+ Projector Using HDMI
7:00 AAXA P7+ Projector Fan Noise
7:48 Playing Movies, Pictures and Documents From a USB Stick
8:20 How To Starta Slideshow on AAXA P7+ Projector
9:11 AAXA P7+ Projector Browser
9:25 AAXA P7+ Projector Android
9:44 AAXA P7+ Projector Review
10:10 AAXA P7+ Projector vis P6 Ultimate
11:23 Outro

The AAXA P7+ offers Wi-Fi 5 connectivity and runs on Android 10, providing smart capabilities.
This projectors native resolution is 1,920 x 1,080p image at a maximum screen size of 200 inches diagonally but handle 4K video. It’s a DLP powered by an LED light source, which is bright, efficient, and long-lasting. The rated brightness is 600 lumens when powered through its AC adapter, or 450 lumens when using the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The AAXA P7+ also features USB-C display mirroring capabilities and an HDMI port. Its onboard media player is capable of playing videos, pictures, and music through a USB stick, and micro TF card (like the one in your camera).

Despite its many features, the AAXA P7+ is not without its limitations. We had problems connecting to WiFi which rendered the built in internet browser and phone mirroring useless. We also could not open PDF’s or PowerPoints.


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