Have you ever deleted a bunch of text or graphics from a Word document but found that the words and text below it did not shift up. That can be quite annoying but the problem is easy to fix. What you need to do is turn on the Hidden Characters and Commands in MS Word and then delete the hidden page breaks.

Page breaks are simply an instruction that is hidden in Microsoft Word that tell it to put all text and graphics below this point onto a separate page. To add a page break you simply click the INSERT tab on the MS Word ribbon and then click the PAGE BREAK icon.

The problem is the Microsoft instructions on how to see and remove page breaks is incomplete, as it does not tell you or show you what to click on inside either the Microsoft Word Desktop application or the Microsoft Word Online app.

The short answer is to click the HOME tab on the MS Word Ribbon and then click the old paragraph break icon:


and then find the ——— PAGE BREAK ——– line and delete it.

If you are still confused watch this 2 minute video tutorial on how to find and remove page breaks in Microsoft Word:


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