Are you confused by all the different codes on an SD Card? All SD memory cards are not created equal. They can only write data at a particular transfer rate and they all have speed rating (aka SD Card Speed Classes)

The simple table below will explains SD Card names in simple terms so you know what to get:

SD Card Speed Classes on the Left ……………… SD Card usage on the Right

SD Card SpeedVideo Speed ClassUHS SpeedSpeed Class.8K Video4K Video1920x 1080 HD Video420 Low Res. Video

As you can see a V10 = U1 = C10.

SD Card Classes Explained:

The simple rule is the higher the number the better, so a U3 is better than a U1 and a V60 is better than a V10, and a C10 it better than a C6.

Micro SD card C10
C10 SD Card = 10MB/s = Just good enough for 4K video
Micro SD Card U3
U3 SD Card = 30MB/sec = Just good enough for 8K video
Micro SD Card V90
V90 SD Card = 90MB/sec = Great for for 8K video

Unless you are doing something very low end with the SD card, like storing still pictures from a kids toy, you should only buy an SD card that is at least C10 V10 or U1 as they will support everything except 8K (insanely high resolution) video streaming.

In our case we needed a SD card for a drone and it required a C10 because it used a 1920×1080 camera.

SD card speed classes


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