We recently had a question from a reader named James who had looked at out Complete List of Android Icons and not found an icon on his phones home screen, so we went to work!

What is Android Extra Dim?

Samsung Extra Dim is a configuration option new to Android 12 that allows you to force your phone to a lower brightness level than the manufacturer of your phones hardware originally intended.

Why Would I Use Extra Dim?

Extra Dim is particularly useful at night when using your phone in bed or in other very dark rooms.

What Does the Extra Dim Icon Look Like?

The Extra Dim icon is two down arrows with white dots around it. Depending on what screen you are looking at the Extra Dim icon looks like:

How Can I Turn Extra Dim On or Off?

To enable or disable EXTRA DIM:

  1. Swipe down from the top
  2. Click the COG icon (Settings)
  5. CLICK on the words EXTRA DIM or just toggle it on/off
  6. CLICK on the words EXTRA DIM SHORTCUT or just toggle it on/off


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