If you are using communication services from Shaw you might not want the free voice mail service they offer.  Here is how you turn off Shaw Voicemail:

How To Disable Shaw Mobile VoiceMail on You Cell:

To disable voicemail on your Shaw Mobile account, you have to either:

  1. use a Shaw connected cell phone and dial 611, then make a request from the Shaw operator
  2. log into my.shawmobile.ca , scroll to the bottom and select MESSAGE AN AGENT to start a chat session with support staff

You cannot disable voicemail on Shaw Mobile accounts yourself on the my.shawmobile.ca page; you have to ask tech support to kill the voicemail

You can specify that you only want to disable the Shaw Mobile voicemail for any specific number.  It is not a global setting so you can keep your Shaw Mobile voicemail on some mobile phones and not on others, as you please.

shawmobile disable voicemail request


How To Disable Shaw VoiceMail on Home Land Lines:

  1. Surf to my.shaw.ca and log in
  2. Click My Services then Phone (menu at the top)
  3. Look at Manage Settings and click the Manage button beside Voicemail settings
  4. Click the On button to change it to Off

Voicemail will be immediately deactivated so you will not receive new voice messages. Now, your land line phone will continue to ring until you answer it when someone calls.

Deactivating land line voice mail does not erase your existing greeting or messages currently in your Voicemail Inbox so you can turn it back on in the future and start where you left off.

shaw manage land line voicemail



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