Do you have a Samsung, LG or Nokia Android cell phone that keeps showing you the error message attachment limit reached when you try to send a picture or a video or an animated GIF through the text messaging app?

In this short video we explain how to Work around the Attachment limit reached message. we also lane the differences between SMS, MMS and Chat (aka Google RCS).

We explain why attachment limit reached pops-up in your chat when you’re trying to send sometimes even small attachments like an animated GIF or a sticker to some with an Apple iPhone or an older Android cell phone.

If you are using plane MMS, with most cellphones on most telco’s you can text about .5MB in attachements.

File size limit, the maximum number of attachments, picture quality and video length can vary from one device to another. Usual limits for MMS are between 600 KB and 3.5 MB per photo and 600 KB or 15 seconds per video

Photo and video messaging | TELUS Support

But if you are using the Google Chat feature that is a free add-on feature to most Android cell phone messaging apps, you can text 200GB of attachments:

SOURCE: Send & share files in Google Chat messages:

Important: When you share files in Google Chat, they may shrink. Smaller files upload faster, but may have a lower resolution.

  1. Open the Chat app "" or Gmail app "".
  2. Enter your message and choose an option:
    • To attach images or videos, tap Photo "" or Action menu Addand then Photos "".
      • Tap on the image or video you want to select. Then, tap Select or Add.
      • If you want to select multiple images or videos, long press or tap on them. Then, tap Select or Add.
        • Tip: You can send up to 20 images or videos attachments at a time.
    • To take a photo, tap Action menu Add and then Camera "" and then take a photo.
    • To attach a Drive file, tap Action menu Addand then Drive SOLVED: VIDEO: How To Fix 'Attachment Limit Reached' on Android Cell Phone Text Messages App.
      • When you send the file, you get a message if the space or a person doesn’t have access. If you have Edit access to the file, you get an option to grant access. If you grant access to a space, it also applies to people who join the space later.
    • To create a link to a video meeting, tap Action menu Add and then Meet link "".
    • To create a Google Calendar invite, tap Action menu Add and then Calendar invite Add event.
    • To send a GIF, tap GIF SOLVED: VIDEO: How To Fix 'Attachment Limit Reached' on Android Cell Phone Text Messages App.
  3. Tap Send


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