In this video we demonstrate how to register a domain and connect it to Microsoft 365 Email (formerly Office 365 Email).  We show the domain purchase process, the domain validation process, how to setup new accounts in Microsoft 365, how to add aliases using Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and how to test Microsoft 365 email.

Introduction 0:00

How to Register Domain on GoDaddy 0:24

Why Buy More Domain Names 1:30

Is Domain Privacy & Protection Worth the Money 2:29

Add a Domain To Microsoft 365 4:50

How to Add DNS Records 6:12

How To Add Licenses to Microsoft 365 11:10

How To Assign Domain To Users In Microsoft 365 12:25

How To Add Email Aliases to Microsoft 365 12:55

How To Test Microsoft 365 Email 16:05

How To Add a Signature To Microsoft 365 Webmail 18:11

Outro 19:25


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