Most households try to contain the costs of energy used to power lights and appliances. Getting a great rate from Direct Energy is a step in the right direction, but you can add to these savings by incorporating the use of smart technology in your home.

Amazon Echo Alexa vs Google HomeCreate a Centralized Smart Hub for Your Appliances at Less Than $4.00 Per Year

The Amazon Echo and Google Home devices provide a way to bring out the best in your smart appliances. You can set up a hub that controls the temperature of your home, hot water control, indoor and outdoor light operation, oven temperature control, refrigeration temperature and humidity adjustments, television operation, computer operation, security system activation, and more. The Amazon Echo can be operated for an average of $3.50 per year and the Google Home comes in at a moderate $2.30 annually.

Investing in Smart Appliances When Replacement is Necessary Can Add Savings

The money you save can be converted into even more savings by investing in smart appliances as your older one’s age and need replacing. You can add each new appliance to your smart hub and continue getting the best rates possible from a regulated plan. Putting smart technology to work in saving you on operational costs of your appliances will help you save greater amounts of money in less time.

Enjoy Energy Monitoring Through Alexa and Google Home Apps

More and more energy companies provide the ability to look at your energy use in real-time at any time. You have the ability to manage your electricity use and make the necessary adjustments to fit your budget. It might require moving the temperature up in your home slightly on a hot day, lowering the temperature some on a cold day, or making sure the outdoor lights are off during the daytime hours. Reducing electricity waste puts money back in your pocket every month. Both Direct Energy and smart technology make it easier than ever before.

nest Honeywell lyric ecobee thermostatReducing Energy Use Through Smart Thermostats for Heating and Cooling

Some of the highest portions of your electricity bill are due to your use of the heating and cooling system in your home. Smart thermostats and programmable units can help you save a lot of money on your monthly bill. You can reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool the home when no one is around. Reducing wasted temperature control costs can make a big impact on lowering your monthly bill and lessen the wear on your HVAC system or furnace.

Fixed and Stable Rates

Using a regulated service for your electricity source is a way to maintain lower costs at a dependable level. Direct Energy, for example, is able to provide rates that make it a boost to your budget. The cost of electricity in Alberta can fluctuate greatly during periods of heavy demand. You’ll always know you have the lowest possible rate when market prices are high. It’s a less complicated way to better manage your energy costs.

Smart Appliances Managed From App on CellSmart Lighting and Motion Sensors

The addition of smart lighting in your home allows you to control when lights are on and off and save on wasted energy. Forgetting to turn porch lights on or off every day adds up to dollars in wasted energy over the course of a year. Smart technology gives you the ability to turn lights on and off when needed, turn off lights in zones of your house, and do everything hands-free. Motion sensors assist in reducing your costs by shutting down lights if it appears no one is home.

LG Smart FridgeCombining Energy Star and Smart Appliances

One of the best combinations you make to get the best savings from your energy use is to purchase smart appliances with great Energy Star ratings. Your appliances are designed to be more energy-efficient from the start. Combine this with affordable rates and the ability to reduce energy use with smart technology and you’ll see a more reasonable bill.

Reduce Your Costs Through the Google Home App

How would you like the ability to help control your electricity costs through the great rates provided with Direct Energy combined with a Google Home app? You can adjust the settings and operation of your smart appliances from long distances. Save money while you’re on vacation half-way across the world, or trim back on your air conditioning and heating while you’re across town.

Energy Star AppliancesAdd Less Than a Dollar a Year in Electricity Use for Smart Appliance Technology

The additional cost of running smart appliances and their progressive technology is remarkably low. It’s been calculated to add up to less than a dollar each year for a combination of all major appliances, especially those with Energy Star ratings. Conversely, the amount of money you can save can far exceed this in a month.

Contact your energy provider or switch to Direct Energy and find out how you can team up using smart technology and regulated services for more affordable electricity.


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