Have you ever wanted to just turn off something with your voice? You can with the TP-Link Kasa HS103 Smartplug.

This might be the best smart plug ever made because it comes from a reputable company has the required electric certifications to make you feel safe and is insanely cheap. The Kassa TP-Link Smart-Plug HS103 works on Apple iOS or Android, and easily ties into Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Smartthings so you can give it voice commands.

Schedule any device connected to the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini to automatically switch on or off if you’re home or away.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Is the TP-Link Kasa Smartplug any good
2:18 TP-Link Kasa HS103 Smartplug Kasa Smart app setup
5:50 How to setup Kasa smartplug on Google Home or Alexa
6:45 Kasa Smartplug voice command
7:20 Kasa Smart App Features – Schedule, Away Mode, On/Off
9:15 Whats the difference between KP125 vs EP25
9:55 KP125 vs EP25 Smartplug with Energy Monitoring
10:30 Outro

Lite-duty Plug
A lighter version of Kasa Smart’s mini smart plug that can power any lite-duty device under 15 AMPs.

Control From Anywhere
Turn your smart plug on and off, set schedules or scenes from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa Smart app.

No Hub Required
The Smart Plug works with a secured 2.4GHz wireless network without the need for a separate hub.

Voice Control
Use simple voice commands with your smart plug and any Alexa, Google Assistant.

Compact Design
The compact design of the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug is smaller than other smart plugs and allows them to be stacked in the same outlet.

Use Grouping to combine your smart plug with other Kasa Smart devices for seamless control with one single tap on your smartphone.


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